25 Random Things

So, everyone seems to have been doing this 25 random things thing lately. Laura did it and it was fun to read, so I thought I'd give it a try too.

1. I always tell people that my favorite color is orange, but I think it's secretly green.
2. My favorite breakfast food is leftover spaghetti.
3. My favorite socially acceptable breakfast food is toast and peaches.
4. My first CD ever was by the hip-hop gospel group, God's Property.
5. I used to want to be an architect, until I learned how many math classes I would need to take.
6. I'm one of those wierd people that likes to go to bed early and wake up early.
7. I one time had to dress up like a hula gorilla and stand on a street corner waving at cars for my job.
8. When I was 11, I had a crush on Dominique Moceanu and I bought her autobiography from the scholastic book orders at school... but so did Bobby.
9. Colorado is my favorite state I've never been to.
10. I know way more about Nsync than I like to admit. I blame Linda.
11. I've lived in Seattle for pretty much my whole life and I've never been up in the Space Needle.
12. I've worked harvesting potatoes in Idaho.
13. I love to learn about rocks.
14. I want to go to both Croatia and Uzbekistan someday.
15. My favorite ice cream is vanilla.
16. My favorite cereal is Corn Chex.
17. I've scooped ice cream at an All Star Game.
18. I love enjoying the sights wherever I am.
19. I like how letters look.
20. My third favorite color is dark gray.
21. I like almost anything with peaches in it.
22. I still use a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles pillow case.
23. Linda used to forge my mom's signature on permission slips, when I forgot to have my mom sign them.
24. When I was younger, I wanted a rain forest room.
25. Even though I've seen it snow in June in Idaho more than once, it's one of my favorite places.


Linda A. said...

I liked that! There were actually things on there that I didn't know about you. But, way to tell on me about forging mom's name! Ms. Osbourne is probably gonna track me down!

jennifer said...

man...I wanted to be an architect too until I learned about all the math....then I figured out I'm pretty sure I need to know half the stuff for interior design..oh well...