Frost Bites

I just got done with a project for my graphic design class working with IBC (Integrated Business Core). It's a program that the business department does where a group of students creates a company. They have to take out a loan and plan there expenses and everything. It's all the business students do for a whole semester and all of there classes are dedicated to it. We got paired up with a group called Frost Bites, that makes a custom ice cream sandwiches. I got to work with an awesome design team that included my good friends, Joseph Turner, James Teerlink, and Geri Egbert, who are all excellent designers. We made an identity for there booth, walk-along posters, a mascot, an ad for the school newspaper, and we touched up there logo. It was a lot of fun! Here's a little look at a few things we did.


Anonymous said...

So your little eskimo guy reminds me of the Little Caesar's guy that stabs pizzas with his stick and says "Pizza, Pizza."

Good job.

Grandma Kelli said...

Looks nice.

Anonymous said...

very "cool"